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Friends describe him as "A Distinguished Gentlemen; with a powerfully calm presence...”
Ron Abrams was born in Tampa, Florida - the middle child of three brothers. He has also proudly served 20 years in the United States Military, which has allowed him to live in over seven states and one tour in South Korea and Germany. He holds a Masters Degree in Procurement & Acquisitions Management from Wester University and a BS Degree in Management From Park University. He is uniquely gifted in cultural diversity; enabling him to easily transition from one photo event to the next, “I am very comfortable with any nationality...and they find themselves comfortable with me...because I am genuinely interested in them".

Ron Abrams has always been captivated by the beauty and creativity, others can create. Ron found out on a cruise in the Bahamas, that he had great creativity also, “While on the deck of the cruise ship, I was asked by an older couple, if I wouldn't mind taking a photo of them with their camera, I gladly said yes. To my surprise, they asked me how they should pose. So I began to pose them before each photo. I will never forget the joy on their faces as they reviewed the photos in their camera. They asked if I were a professional..." Ron has been taking memorable photos ever since.
Ron keeps his style smooth and unobtrusive. "I am always low key and out of the way at my events. This allows me to capture very memorable candid images. My clients are most impressed by that.” Although he is self taught, Ron owes great credit to Leslie Andrews of Leslie Andrews Photography. “Leslie recognized my talents and graciously imparted some of her wisdom and insight. She will always be a dear friend to me.”

Always a hard worker, Ron’s client list includes Dominion Village, Independence Hill, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (SA, TX), CESSE, Jeff Burks, Donna Knight (Winner-San Antonio Hair Show 2008), The Union, Well Respected and many others.